Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top Line: Week of 2/5/17

  • The fiduciary rule asks that brokers disclose any conflicts of interest when selling investment products to customers. It is currently being considered for repeal.
  • Amnesty International released a report showing that the Syrian Government is engaged in systematic torture, gassing, and mass killings for political prisoners.
  • The murder rate is trending downward.

  • The comments sent to Republican Senator Tim Scott are racist and do not elevate discourse.
  • TSA's 'behavior detection' screening program is unscientific and contrary to the studies it cites.
  • Trump's conflicts of interest are still unaddressed.
  • Kellyanne Conway's comments regarding Ivanka Trump's clothing line are probably a violation of ethics rules and at least warrant an inquiry.
  • There is no Chief Information Security Officer at the White House, raising serious questions about cyber security.
  • Over half of the Navy's aircraft are unable to fly due to maintenance backlog.
  • Jeff Sessions is no civil rights hero.
  • This is happening. It's really happening.
  • This is an interesting read: this too; and this one.
  • Correction from last week: USACE did what was legally mandated in regards to consultation for the Environmental Assessment for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Of the 29 agencies that they contacted only 6 responded however.