Sunday, February 19, 2017

Look Out! NYC Motor Vehicle Incidents

New York City's Vision Zero is an attempt by the city to reduce motor vehicle related injuries and deaths to zero. While deaths are on the decline, incidents where an injury has occurred are on the rise.
Incidents largely correspond to traffic patterns. Weekends experience more traffic deaths late at night while there is a noticeable increase of incidents during rush hours on weekdays.
While the city is clearly working to reduce traffic incidents, the map shows a clearly mixed bag--and in predictable spots. For example, there are a large number of incidents that occur around the John Jay Park (and playground) and FDR Drive.
The Google street view shows two intersections that make it easy for a person to cross from a quiet side-street into one of the busiest and fastest moving roads in Manhattan. There is a pedestrian walkway 3 blocks up, but that is clearly not redirecting people.
One of Vision Zero's main goals is to create barriers between pedestrians and traffic. The second dangerous intersection shows some of the steps the city has taken to more clearly indicate that pedestrians should avoid dangerous behavior.
The city is certainly taking the right steps, but much more has to be done.