Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ignoring National Security for Politics

This post contains my opinions. I attempt to cite facts and build a reasonable case, but I am always open to discussion and changing my mind.

382 law enforcement agencies were asked "What are the main violent extremist threats that your agency faces?"

Given the choice to select up to 3 options, the agencies overwhelmingly responded that anti-government violent extremism was their primary concern.

The DHS Countering Violent Extremism program is geared toward preventing violent extremism in all its forms. Reuters broke the story that the program will be renamed and focus solely on Islamic Extremism.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are nearly 900 right-wing extremist groups in the United States. These active hate groups will no longer be monitored under the CVE program.

While we must continue to combat Extremism wherever it arises, by categorically removing the most common and identifiable forms of extremism from the CVE mandate the president exposes the American populace to danger needlessly.

There is no clear reason to do such a thing, when law enforcement agencies tell us that anti-government violent extremism is a far more pressing priority.

Denying simple facts, without an eye toward the real-world applications and effects is a pattern of this fledgling administration thus far. I find myself unable to describe the actions through any lens other than a dogmatic, and systematic Islamophobia.

This is no small charge. And I do not take it lightly. Religious phobia--the malicious and willful kind that I am speaking of--denies people their individuality in favor of discrimination based on religion. It is fundamentally undemocratic because it assumes guilt--both by association and by default.

Please allow me to build my case.

Thesis: Donald Trump's administration is actively Islamophobic
  • Donald Trump called for a Muslim ban during the campaign.
  • Excuses as to why the current ban is not a Muslim ban have been dispelled by his own cabinet members--specifically Rudy Giuliani.
  • Stated reasons for preventing terrorism through the ban do not stand up to scrutiny; see map below:

Conclusion: The administration is unable to differentiate ordinary people from violent extremists. This conclusion casts an overly broad net against innocent people. The policies also actively ignore hate groups that would seek to also target innocent people. 

Donald Trump's Islamophobia is a security risk to America.