Sunday, January 22, 2017

Top Line: Week of 1/15/17

The Top Line is a list of true statements derived from this week's news. Instead of dissecting the dissembling statements of news makers the Top Line endeavors to present the true statement up front. Context is provided in the links.
  • A fact is a piece of information presented as having objective reality.
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Obamacare are the same.
  • 18 million people stand to lose healthcare in first year of an ACA repeal and would add $350 billion to the deficit.*
  • Our national security apparatus over-classifies information.
  • 2016 was the hottest year on record (third year running).
  • Women still do not make as much as men and are subject to sexism
  • Statistically rigorous polls--including approval polls--can be trusted. The margin of error must also be taken into account. 
  • Trump's election is legitimate and Rep John Lewis is still a hero of the civil rights movement.
  • The crowds at Trump's inauguration were smaller than those at Obama's inauguration.
    • The first press meeting of Trump's White House adamantly and brazenly lied about the crowd size.
    • Crowds at inauguration are an insignificant metric of a president's legacy.
  • The president's potential conflicts of interest are significant and concerning.

Corrections (For the record):

  • Last week I stated that 20 million people stand to lose healthcare coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. A revised estimate shows that about 18 million would be affected.