Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 In Review

Micaela joins my family in Portland for New Year's Eve. Pool, Kellen, broken glasses. Ella is born.
Feb 4 Ciera starts new Job. Nemo cancels my NYC trip.
Valentine's day gets drawn out for several months.
Jacob visits; he likes Arya.
Barney visits and so does Roger at the beach for our birthdays.
O and Peter and Anwar visit.
Red papaya birthday o spills on my gift from alayne.
Make up valentines day.
Chicago in May. Grandpa passes.
Ciera's adventures in Canada. Banff.
Roger gets engaged to Chelsey in Reno.
June beach house stuff. Theatre of possibility. Solstice. Ciera meets Andy.
July fourth Ciera loses sweatshirt. Neighbor fire. Bucket brigade. David and Jesse.
Jim and Joans wedding. Alicia, Dru, and Dan, and Sydney.
August festival. Vegas and LA. Dan Tiffany. Cassie, Eric, Peter. Dru and Ciera's great uncle Ray.
September. Nick leaves Triangle. Xanadu. Ciera is festival producer. Ciera starts marathon training. Anwar visits.
October. NYC for Ciera NAMT. Teal, Brit, Sam. Lexi. James and Natalie and Jacob. And Sutton foster. Dru and lady friend. Jim in the Fantasticks. Pippin. Kitty costume Halloween. Cierricade. And cardboard man. Octoberfest in Leavenworth with Andy and Alayne.
November. Nick starts tableau. Anwar visits again. Roger and Chelsey visit-- pneumonia. Sue visits. Thanksgiving in Portland. Turkey trot. Wine tasting. Late night shopping.
December. Half marathon. Korena visits. Roger graduates and commissions. Snow storm. Xmas. Sickness. George Azumano's funeral. Record player. New Year.