Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What does it take to change your mind?

For a given issue, what evidence, moral, or ethical appeals would get you to change your mind?

That is the question I must ask myself more often. When am I willing to change, modify, or alter my position on a given topic.

Some people have pretty crappy answers to that.  Things like social pressure, bigotry, and ignorance can all influence a person to change their mind.  Hell, a bad idea sold by a sufficiently attractive person can cause a change of mind.

But there are good reasons too.  I believe that being open to changing my mind is essential to understanding the world better, getting along with people better, and being a happier human overall.

That's not to say I will go quietly into that dark night.  On the contrary I expect to go kicking and screaming sometimes, desperately clinging to beliefs that fail to have a rational basis.

But I also believe that sometimes it will go the opposite way, I will have the better facts and I will change minds.

So, before I enter into any debate anymore, I personally pledge to be not only open-minded, but to know also what would change my view.