Friday, July 5, 2013

Fire in a Crowded Theater

The fourth of July was nice.  We saved a house from burning down.  Fire is as common as missing fingers from illegal fireworks in Vaughn.  For such a pristine area, we seem to think little of the one day a year that we shoot pollution straight into the ocean.  Over the years it has become more cardboard and less plastic oriented, yet it still is pretty substantial pollution.

Who cares though.  The entire sound lights up with fireworks.  Celebrations of our freedom.  And we get to be out there with tons of people.  Some from my childhood.  Others new.

And last night, after filling up on a bunch of unfiltered wheat beers, I was called into action to put out my fifth fire.  This was the largest by far.

Tip.  Form a line.  Get buckets.  And never yell "cut and run!  Cut and run! The stairway is about to go up."  Someone did that and I can tell you right now, it was unhelpful.  Next time just put water on the stairs.

I put water on the stairs by the way.  Much more effective than yelling something akin to, "every man for himself."

We formed lines.  We put out fires.  And we ran unrelentingly for over 20 minutes.  I guess.  That's what I have been told.  All I really remember is dumping water, hauling buckets and running until I puked.  And some of that smoke smelled awful.  I mean really bad.

So yeah, I ended the night feeling a bit like Cory Booker, but not really.  I just felt sick and wanted to sleep. 

The fireworks were nice as always.

And Ciera and I helped David celebrate his birthday at the beach house--with Jessi of course.

We lost our buckets though, and Ciera lost her sweatshirt.  But the house is still there.

Now I am in Everett.  For the first time in my life.  It's a cute little city.  Very Bremerton-esque.  I walked to a park and a guy came and sat next to me.  He asked for a pen and proceeded to fill out a Burger King application while telling me how he was going to join Mixed Martial Arts and fight.  I hope he gets the job he was looking for.  It was his daughter's birthday today.  He seemed pretty happy about that.

Tonight is the opening of Chicago at the Everett Performing Arts Center.  It should be good and I am excited to see it!

I read about the president of the Dominican Republic.  Kind of a whacko.  But he really saved the environment in that country.  And he was a despot.

Got the Nokia HERE app.  It's pretty cool.