Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Program Framework

I have decided to learn how to program--sort of.  I mean, I am not learning C++ or anything super cool.  Just Javascript and later PHP.  The idea is that I want to go to school for something related to data visualization and managing large amounts of data for public consumption.  To do so I have found that a background in computer programming is a must.

So that means I need to start learning.

And the best way to learn is by doing.  So I am going to make use of the extensive community support for js to learn by doing.

So I want to create a basic program that allows a user to create a comment, leave their information, and tag the comment with basic information. Then the program categorizes that information, geo-referencing it, automatically visualizing keywords, and 'analyzes' the text.

To build a program the first step--at least that I think is helpful--is to write it in english.

comments (any text length greater than 0).
User IP address -->prompt for "is location correct?", if so store geo-reference, if not prompt for "enter zip"
Allow optional address and personal information.  Match and store into a database.

Js vis keywords and phrases.  Exclude common words (the, an, a, for, etc) (D3)
Cross-reference with other keywords and phrases from other users
Output as suggested keywords
Allow user to click to select/type in new keywords
Automatically identify conjunctive and conditional phrases (if/then, and, or, but, whether, either, neither, all, none)
Flag conjunctive/conditional phrases for further review
Ask user if comment is positive, negative, or neutral--categorize as red, green, or gray
Output geo-tag on a map according to comment type (D3)
Once a comment is completely measured it is a "live text"

Map with original "live text", selectable layers, and data visualizations of hot keywords and trends.

As comments come in, the Admin categorizes and cross-references with external data, eventually creating links to all "live text"