Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Framework and Events Pt1 Draft 1

It's an outline.  So, it might seem a bit--heavy-handed.  This is Part 1.

  1. Synopsis: Main is introduced.  In the middle of the woods as it is getting dark.  He is lost.
    1. Time: Summer, late evening, just past sunset
    2. Place: woods
    3. Characters: Main
    4. Writer Goals: intro Main, force him to monologue on everything.  Rachel, his friends, why he is there in the summer (why is he there for the summer?), why he is lost, and how fucking broke he is
    5. Notable events: he's lost in the woods, maybe he finds a campfire of people.  Maybe he climbs a tree.  Maybe he sees wildlife.  Maybe he finds the road after all that crap.  All we know is that he's a slightly unreliable narrator because he never knows what the hell is going on.  And he's full of shit.  And alone--lost in the woods.  Duh.
  2. Synopsis: Hooking up and becomes girlfriend
    1. Time: Summer, Afternoon
    2. Place: housing, walking to ice cream
    3. Characters: Main, Rachel
    4. Writer Goals: Intro main, establish romanticized relationship
    5. Notable Events:
  3. Synopsis: Summer Party where attitudes and other characters are established
    1. Time: Summer (same day), Night
    2. Place: housing block
    3. Characters:
      1. Main
      2. Rachel
      3. Dan
    4. Writer goals: college chaos, intro peripheral characters, plant seed of cheating
    5. Notable events: peeing out the window, crazy dancing, waking up in the bath tub, rufies (too soon), getting hit on, 3am guitar and roof
  4. Synopsis: The dating life - a short series of vignettes of 'dates'.  Bad date, grass is greener fantasy.
    1. Time: Summer, evening
    2. Place(s): top of a water tower, out in the woods eventually at a campfire, at a fancy restaurant
    3. Characters:
      1. Main
      2. Rachel
      3. Other annoying girls
    4. Writer goals: show how the two interact, sow seeds of incompatibility
    5. Notable events: conversation of goals, life-direction, discuss cheating, friend sitting in on a date
  5. Synopsis: Main takes a trip to friend's beach house
    1. Time: late summer, week or two before start of school
    2. Place: late at night in apartment, car ride, beach house (arrival)
    3. Characters: Main, Lucy, Rachel (briefly)
    4. Writer goals: establish a setting for cheating, beach house setting,
    5. Notable events: establish Main and Lucy relationship, open up the question of cheating.
  6. Synopsis: Time at the beach house.
    1. Time: one week
    2. Place: beach house, local grocer, beach
    3. Writer goals: establish aspirations, show circumstances of cheating,
    4. Notable events: the cheat, doing dishes, walk on beach, moments of peace, fire by the beach
  7. Synopsis: the last night before school starts. Main is post breakup and wallowing.  He gets destructive.
    1. Time: night before school starts.
    2. Place: campus, humid and warm
    3. Characters: main and his core group of friends
    4. Writer goals: flesh out destructive tendencies, throw in some relationships with friends, push the reader away from main, beer run
    5. Notable events: building climbing. Hiding in a closet. Drinking with friends.
  8. synopsis: Dreamember? night in the northeast. Characters sit around talking and playing games, sleep in a big room together.
    1. Time: one specific night
    2. Place: beach house, cold and rainy
    3. Writer goals: bring audience back to main a little.
    4. Notable events. Guitar hero, drunk driving, excess, something lost
  9. The first day of school. 8am class. Main, still drunk has to sit through the day getting progressively more hung over.
    1. Time: morning and day
    2. Place: campus
    3. characters: professors, main, friends and acquaintances, funny classmates
    4. Writer goals: show campus, intro some supporting characters. Capture the campus atmosphere
    5. Notable events: important person shows up to a class, main begs for aspirin from friends, watching freshmen come in, freshman spotting, meal at dining hall.
  10. Twice burned candles. Main drinks that night with friends that stay out. He is excited to see people but not prudent to manage himself.  He goes out with his friends who have no classes until later in the day. One gets injured and they have to spend most of the night in the ER.  Friend is diagnosed with another disease.
    1. Time: Night
    2. place: at a house then at a tennis court, then hospital
    3. Characters
    4. Writer goals: Make main more sympathetic, show the tight relationship of the friends.
    5. Notable events: after drinking they go out and play tennis and someone twists an ankle, takes a hard spill, and has to go to the hospital.  Everyone in the hospital.  Long convo about life with people. A little gravity to life.
  11. Synopsis: group work. Main works in a group with three "interesting" people who he absolutely despises.  Hooks up with one.  Yay awkward sex. 
    1. Time:
    2. Place:
    3. Characters
    4. Writer goals:
    5. Notable Events:
  12. Synopsis: Asshole.  After sleeping with the girl he hates and unceremoniously kicking her out of his bed, Main finds out that her dad has cancer.  He then has to present with her--it goes tensely.  She steps out immediately after the presentation ends. He looks for her, but can't find her.  Later in the story we find out that her father has died.  He never gets to apologize.
    1. Time: The morning.
    2. Place: Main's room, the dining hall, and class
    3. Characters: Main, (friend whom he sees little but trusts--O), girl he hates (she expects something from the encounter)
    4. Writer goals: a bit of drama. Main gets the consequences of his actions.
    5. Notable events:

End Part 1