Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sub-syndromal SAD

I am not, I repeat, am not diagnosing myself.

But I am saying that I have noticed a much improved mood, motivation, and general affect since the weather got nice here.

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is characterized by depressive episodes occurring chiefly in winter or summer and not accompanied by other unrelated ones.  Subsyndromal SAD is a similar and more mild form with a measurable prevalence in the United States, especially northern latitudes.

It is normal to experienced decreased mood, lethargy, and lower energy during the winter months and SAD is often misdiagnosed in these cases.  Most people experience these symptoms and think nothing of it.

Common treatments, aside from prescription drugs, include exercise, positive and negative thought behavior therapies, event scheduling, diet change, and light therapy.

As someone who experiences a definite alteration in my thinking and habits during the winter, I must be aware that combatting common depressive symptoms is an effective remedy for non-SAD affected individuals.

Or, to be less technical.  Seeing friends, exercising, and good positive routines.