Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Bad Day and a Good Week

Today was tough.  Ciera woke up and spoke eagerly of the Boston Marathon. She has fond memories of her college days. The marathon has come to signal a fully fledged spring. A warm day and the enthusiastic crowds that fill the city.  It has become a memory of a care free happiness. The joy of a day off before midterms.

And today that was marred by two explosions that rocked the finish line and unnecessarily injured dozens.

As of this moment, there are few details.  Just the rawness of loss.  Ciera is at home now, holding the cat, trying to console herself.

And in the same breath I can say the previous seven days were wonderful. I gardened at the beach house. Barney visited. I celebrated my birthday. I celebrated my anniversary. I celebrated Ciera's birthday. What do I say now?

I want to write what makes me feel good but I only hear a minor chord in a somber tone.

I try to write as things come so I do not lose the moment or the feeling.  But the moment passes and is instantly colored by those that follow.

Today was hard and the nation will grapple slowly with another moment of unnecessary tragedy.

Maybe I will write something good tomorrow.