Sunday, March 24, 2013

Since A Little While

Last night we went out to celebrate our friend Eleanor's birthday. We went to RPlace, a gayish club where drag queens perform for the first half and everyone dances for the second. Also gogo dancers in tiny little speedos rub themselves up on anyone willing to go near them. And they are male dancers. So yeah.

Capitol hill is great except I never quite feel safe there. I suppose the hormone raging heavy drinking take no prisoners attitude of people is a bit aggressive.

The benefit of going to a gay bar is feeling much safer than going to a straight one. The rape culture, while not expunged from a gay bar, is less overtly directed toward the young women in a party group. It's the place where girls can just dance. Or at least that's the supposition.

Who knows if there is any truth in that.

I don't remember going to the bathroom the first time, but I recognized the urinal head when I went the second time. Don't enter a crowded bathroom and loudly announce, "it's a party in here!" Of course you may if you really need to go as the stalls will empty out quickly.

I met a messenger for the Colman building at the bar. Nice guy.

That was our evening. The day was much more suburban. We went to the Japanese gardens in Washington park. We planted things. We shopped in the U Village. We even went to Crate and Barrel.

And we took a walk around the elementary school.

So that is my juxtaposed existence. I have been watching Girls. The show, not the creepy old man way of saying that sentence. It's good except all the characters are so destructive and they sometimes reduce themselves to caricatures. The best moments are when they have conflicted motives and seem to want their lives to get better. Sometimes it feels like an exercise in trying to make the characters' lives harder.

It's a tough balance though because there is so much tension at this stage of our lives, and that is consistently and accurately portrayed.