Monday, February 25, 2013


Seth McFarlane is obscene. Duh. What the hell was anyone expecting when they ok'd him to host the Oscars?

And I'm pretty sure I support him in everything he does. No offense to Billy Crystal, but thank god it wasn't Billy Crystal again.

Also, I don't really get awards shows. It seems like a self-indulgent act that I'm not even invited to. And come on. I should be invited.

Work is hard these days.

The hardest thing about getting older is losing all the abilities that came so naturally before.

Can't remember if I endorse all of these articles but I certainly thought them interesting enough to read.

I'm starting to think I need to get an Atlantic subscription.

I think I'll start reading the Daily Beast, Real Clear Politics, and World Net Daily. WND purely because I need to see what people I don't agree with have to say. The problem with WND is how completely out there it is while still being influential. Just because a bunch of people read something doesn't make it true. I have nothing against arguments made with a factual basis, but I have little tolerance for unsubstantiated assertions and hearsay.

Speaking of unsourced material, I was looking for a Keystone Pipeline article I read too—it basically stated that there are environmental concerns but they aren't the ones that the environmentalists are making. Too bad. The biggest problem is that the pipes have a history of leakage—about 1-2% along the entire length. This means a slow spill over the years that will permeate the soil and eventually people's drinking water. Look that one up. I'm too lazy at the moment.

By the way, people are hypocrites. It's ok, just try hard to be forgiving and be as truthful as possible.