Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seattle in Fog

Seattle in winter is a colder version of the summer. I mean it, there is little difference from one season to he next in the northwest. We may get snow but that is rarely more than a dusting.

So the winter here is mild, and so are the summers. It's been cold and rainy for weeks. Then it was cool and gray. Then cold and sunny for a few, now it is cold and foggy.

This weather may be why Washington drivers are so notoriously bad. Fairly constant depression and poor visibility contribute to a hostile attitude. Also all the coffee.

Kidding aside, it was a beautiful morning. I love fog, the sparse details and isolation make for a wonderfully macabre weather. It's the kind of weather that brings out the wry observations in a dull mind. By forcing an impressionistic myopia on us, a good fog can bring out the details of our environment that a bright sunny day cannot.

Eventually though, the coastal fog lifts. Today will be a brisk and bright day.