Thursday, January 10, 2013

blog from the bus

Ok this is a test of mobile blogging. I know that it's no substitute for a real computer but given how easy this generally is I would say that this could work. I suppose it is perfect for tweeting. I am still pretty resistant to micro blogging. Somehow that format seems, off to me. Simultaneously limited in scope and draining in time and resources. To me, it doesn't have the measured thought or freedom that simply blocking out a chunk of time to write does. Not that I put a lot of foresight into my writing. Also, that doesn't mean I will never tweet or twitter or micro blog. It means I'm not ready. Not much of an excuse but I did hold out for years against a smartphone so... Who knows, I may love it as much as any other tech thing in my life. Which is to say cautiously and with purpose. Hopefully.