Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm blogging from my htc 8x

I'm blogging from my fancy new phone. It's a pretty cool device but it suffers the problem. Of all touch screens, no feedback. I can't feel anything I am doing and I cannot type like a regular human being
And punctuation is a bitch. Anyways I spent about an hour speaking with the att salesman figuring out what would work best for me. I pretty much knew right away when I saw this phone.
Let me be clear,it is the only one that actually fits in a pocket. And this fits quite comfortably in my pocket.
Why did I get a touch screen despite my vocal opposition? Because I like windows 8. I don't mean to be a walking advertisement but I truly feel that windows8 is a solid product and makes a solid platform for all devices. I have already synced my stiff between computer and phone. And with all the crap I do, taking only an hour of my time is amazing.
Solid product, hopefully Microsoft doesn't vista me in my data port. Sorry for the language and the geekness.