Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'll get to you in a moment sir

I can save lives now that I'm CPR Certified.

I like to fancy myself as a superhero. Mostly I'm this (At 4:20):

And since I'm CPR certified now I can run up to people and say, “Are you ok? I'm CPR and First Aid Certified! Do you need assistance?”

And they can be all like, “yes, I'm choking and can't breathe!”

Well, I guess I can help people in need is the point. And what's really important to me is that I feel prepared to help in the majority of emergencies as a first responder. I know that now I am equipped to help save a lot of lives.

There are a huge number of unknowns in this world, things we know are probable but rare. When the big one hits the west coast, 911 will be tied up, and it stands to reason that we should all have at least the most basic ability to help ourselves and those we love while the infrastructure is put back on-line. Emergency services are 4 to 10 minutes away at any given time, and the brain dies in 3-5 minutes without air. Knowing CPR and the steps to take to get proper treatment for a citizen in need is essential for all of us.

I don't know how to actually save lives. I do know how to respond and assess a situation with the hope of prolonging or increasing the chance of survival so that actual medical professionals can take over.

I'm not good at it. I hope to never have to use it. But I do feel confident to take charge and stop being a bystander in medical emergencies. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US and diabetes and obesity related deaths are the second. At the moment where those diseases become life-threatening I have been trained to respond swiftly and with great efficacy.

At least that's the hope. At least that's the hope.