Thursday, January 24, 2013

Discourse Vomit

I have glasses now. What a weird thing. I haven't worn glasses for my entire life. So for two days I have worn glasses—against 23 years of eye freedom.

I like them. Got them from Warby Parker. They do the whole buy a pair, give a pair thing. I can't wait until the day that they do that for shoes too! Won't that be awesome? Or laptops.

Titanium rims; I'm a hipster bad-ass. And I look “moderately” Asian according to Ciera.

“In a hot way,” says Ciera. But I think that she'd say that as long as I wasn't in the midst of committing a felony.

I'll take it.

The cat mews at the door to go out these days. I got LED lights at Costco for $5. I also am seriously considering auto insurance through them.

I'm going to NYC in February.

We started hot yoga at nights. So we go work out and then relax and sleep. What a wonderful way to exercise. I work hard; meditate; shower; sleep. And when I wake I'm energized. Hot yoga is perfect for the winter, it shakes out the cold in my bones.

I went to the beach this weekend with Pete and O. We had a lot of fun. The sun broke in the afternoon on Sunday and made leaving one of the hardest things I could pretend to do.

Sometimes things swirl through my head—partial ideas that need breath and have their own poetry separate from the lengthy retreats I give most of my thoughts.

I think the severity of the decline that the American auto industry experienced during the 90s-00s is epitomized in the resurgence of their muscle cars. Not because the cars were bad, but rather that they indicated a lack of forward thinking; models that were more forgettable than riffs on a bygone era. It is tragic when the best car in your line is a 'modern' version of your old cars. Luckily, I really like the new stuff that has come out from the American auto industry of late—forward thinking, innovative, and novel.

I need to be nicer to people.

I haven't posted what I've been writing because I want to be comprehensive. When what I've written comes out, it will account for the missing entries. Suffice it to say I have been writing every day.

The Windows store needs more apps. Apps shouldn't be hard to port across “universes” they are all written in HTML5, if someone knows why they haven't all been ported over then please, let me know. Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 3UR-00001 (Google Affiliate Ad)

I think I value listening, time, and community more than anything else. I believe that if we listen to each other, give each other space, and remember that we are all part of a community then we can truly solve our problems. We are just layers of unnecessary bull-shit sometimes. Those three things give us the space to peel away our crap and just be ourselves.

It's hard to not think of that as new-age crap. It's hard not to think of it as wishy-washy. But none of it is. I have seen it work. And durable outcomes result from the basics of respect. The selfish, the childish, the untrusting, the cynical give way to the magnanimous, the mature, the trusting, and the empathetic.

Live life without enemies.

I want to be able to say what I believe and not hurt anybody else. I have been struggling with that. As someone whose career lies in being a neutral, we aren't allowed to have opinions sometimes. What a tragedy that we can't be opinionated and multi-partial. I want to contribute and I want to help people through their problems. My idea of enlightenment—maybe in some misguided way—is being someone with the determination to change the world with the tenets of conflict resolution while still being an active participant.

What a difficult, impossible position.

I want to start a band that plays whatever the hell it wants.

I guess I'm dating my thoughts but not married to them. Never marry your opinions—it will only be the most unhappy of divorces when you lose half of your stuff and still pay child support for your indiscretions.

Stay committed to your values.