Monday, January 21, 2013

Another reading list about Guns

These are a bit Atlantic heavy but I find their writing not only informative but introspective as well.

I don't agree with them all the time--maybe just a little past half the time.  The numbers, methodology, and comprehensiveness are what I admire.

The rest of the articles demonstrate a fairly wide range of views and the many facets of this evolving discussion.  Also, the comments on some of these are priceless--for maybe not the most noble of reasons; there are some seriously stupid and vitriolic people on the internet and they aren't getting paid to do it.  Says something about us as a nation doesn't it?  -- The "broken windows" perspective  -- Look less to the digs at the people on the board, and more at who is actually on the board. -- the importance of science. -- A really well written piece about what the 23 "executive orders" really were and how they fit into traditional legal frameworks. -- The difficulty of listening to many (but not all) pundits.  With Hannity as the main fodder; which isn't to say there aren't plenty of Liberals who are guilty of the same.  -- Oh Alex Jones.  If only to understand the rage that is echoing in the chambers of some of our most conservative corners of this nation. -- an intriguing discourse between two writers I admire greatly. -- Why insurrection isn't much of an argument.  Also see Article I S8 of the Constitution and cross-reference with the 2nd Amendment.  more on above -- the problem with overtures about mental health with the "Matt Taibbi" liberal pundit twist.  Ditch the rhetoric and look to the facts. -- more dialogue.