Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A couple thoughts: Debt and Guns

A quick couple of thoughts.

The debt ceiling debate is kind of ridiculous. Not that it can't be reasonable. Just that the debt ceiling is to pay for debt incurred. Not raising the debt ceiling doesn't result in cuts to government. It's equivalent to refusing to pay a bill after you've ordered and eaten your food.

Second, I'm really proud of the president. Not because his actions today were flawless or that he was even 100% on target. I'm proud because he took measured, controlled steps that can really help.

I'm most happy about research into gun violence by the CDC. If we want to talk about gun violence—mishaps, injuries, death—we have to have data. I think it's incumbent upon us as a nation to be fully prepared.

Also, Obama could very well have ordered much stricter and controlling measures. Instead, he went with measures that I believe are practical and commonsense. More than anything he gave us something to discuss as a nation. We now have specific policies we can work on together.

And of course I'm happy that he's welcomed everyone to the table with respect even though it is becoming clear his “opponents” do not respect him. That takes leadership and balls.

Anyways, I'm sure there's plenty to disagree on and debate, I'm happy we have a framework that could lead to real progress.