Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post Electioneering

Okey, so the election is over. Guess what? Obama won. And Republicans were stunned.

So there are a few important things to take away. First, it's not the message and people don't need a better brand. It's actually the approach. Conservatives share plenty of values with the rest of America, but that is obscured by approaches that seem (are) at times exclusionary, radical, oppressive, insensitive, divisive, and unscientific.

Second, America as we know it has not disappeared or even remotely faded. It is alive and well. That the clean-cut privileged guy lost is more testament to the illusion of 'traditional' America that has been conjured up by conservatives and less the real loss of a 'Leave it to Beaver' America. America was never like that—get over it.

Third, seceding from America is not American—it's inherently anti-American. Dissent may be the highest form of patriotism but it ain't won in a democracy through violence. The best and most America loving approach to governance is one of cooperation, tolerance, and vigorous discourse. Anything else is settling for the petty and insubstantial.

Fourth, there are a ton of problems in America right now. Enough to really get the population feeling deflated and lost. And I don't think for one second that Obama is going to fix them. I think he'll make some substantive progress. But he's not a dictator and I would never want him to be. Which brings me to the Mitt supporters out there. Hedging bets on a candidate sympathetic to one's cause is irrational without a contingency for working with the other guy. Mitt was never going to actually help you out as much as you think—no politician ever does—and drawing lines in the sand because you are butt-hurt your guy lost is childish.

Fifth, it's time to get to work. Guess what, elections are inconsequential to the majority of the workings of the country. We get our shit done when people aren't spewing platitudes and shaking hands with mouths full of empty promises. It's time to move on. And we need to work. We have post-hurricane Sandy clean-up, we have a tepid economic climate tenuously placed on the edge by a fiscal cliff and the European debt crisis, we have the highest poverty rate in ages, we have the widest class gap and smallest middle class in several generations, and we have a failing education system that needs mending. Not to mention all of our military engagements plus global warming. There's a lot and even the losers in the election have a ton to contribute. So start helping.

Sixth. Whatever, I'm done. Bronco Bama won. The pundits have lost relevance when they separate from reality. America needs collaboration not yelling knuckleheads. And it's time to get something done. Please.