Thursday, September 6, 2012

Under New Management

I feel like every day I sit down and write these days I'm apologizing. I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. This year has been hard to write every day. There are things to say and I'm simply lazy, busy, and a myriad of excuses that mean nothing.

I have a staccato rhythm to my speech. I have less words and more thoughts in a beat. I'll pause stop and write to an invisible drum.

I've noticed that the writing process for me even follows this beat but it doesn't follow a time or consistency. It's almost as if my brain has a kick drum in it and the foot of my brain presses it like a spastic child. But those are the only times I can write. And the only way that I can write. I have to silence my brain sometimes.

I think I'm a little stressed.

Anyways I'm writing for a life update as I am occasionally known to do. Ciera and I just signed a lease for a new place. A much better place. I want to emphasize that this place doesn't suck. The management does. They are terrible at following through or even keeping in touch with their tenents. We have had three people as our 'managers' which isn't bad at all. What's bad is that we have never known who our management was. We can't call any line and talk to someone directly. I have never called the system and been able to talk to someone directly—ever. It's so impersonal even though they are local—except not. They have a Seattle office but are a subsidy of some company out of Colorado.

When we have maintenance issues it takes days to get a response. The only time I have received a prompt response was when I called the emergency line yet the woman on the line refused to help me. It's extraordinary how much I feel like a money machine for these people.

This last weekend the basement flooded and the sewer backed up. We found out on Tuesday—two days after it happened. And with a note on our door, not through any personal communication.

This place is really cool but it is falling apart from neglect. Examples: there is paint on the dishwasher from the slap job they put on the walls before we moved in, the shower rod is being held up by my own MacGuyver maneuver, the floor is sinking in our southeast corner, the kitchen sink leaks, the ceiling has obvious water damage, and it goes on. The thing is that the place is really cool but I never get the sense that anyone cares and my lease locks me out from making these fixes. It's a case where there is no respect.

So, Ciera and I signed a lease today. And we know our management and he seems really nice. And he seems to care a lot about the place. I am tentatively excited about that.

What I'm really excited about is the fact that we have a one bedroom house now. It's still on the same street as now and it has its own yard and parking space. There is so much storage and I can comfortably have my own space now. I'm really pumped to have a place I can call not just home but not feel paralyzed by the process.