Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye Jane 6: final

The Beatles emanated while Natalie danced in the sunset. The Olympic mountains cradled the pearl of yellow. Then they swallowed the sun and only a red glow remained. The red outlined everything; black and flashes of red.

Natalie and Ciera danced.

The wake of a boat rippled black and red, sending streaks across the glass; disturbances in a perfect setting sun.

The night turned purple blue black and though it was beautiful I felt bruised. I wrote gibberish on the white walls of the house with my finger as I walked down the porch.

Music blared and even though I loved the sound, I was overwhelmed. I glowed with the energy of the sun in my skin. My skin pulled tight against my muscles and bones. I felt flesh and blood and I felt alive.

But I was bruised like the night. My ears were shattered from the day. And my eyes were clear as the moon and stars rising slowly into the sky.

We sat under the tent in the blue night and talked. We talked about our favorite memories of Mama. It was a good circle. It was a hard circle. I remembered waking up in the mornings and always being greeted by her. There was always coffee and she had found her way into the crossword. The best mornings were the ones where we sat and read the newspaper together—saying little. She had a way with people. She let them be themselves. It was a rare quality that endeared her to everyone.

It also made her an exceptional grandmother.

We sat in a circle and talked. Then we didn't talk.

At some point we talked to each other and the formal conversation faded into chatter.

People came and went, the night wore on. Bottles and cans amassed themselves. I pulled out the telescope and we looked at the moon. It was bright and clear and white. And it was so far away. Out of reach and enigmatic.

I went upstairs to the yellow room to sleep. The yellow room always has the windows open to listen to the sounds of the waves on the shores. It is a peaceful sound or it is a tumultuous sound. I don't remember if I heard it at all that night. I was calm and drifted to sleep easily.