Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goodbye Jane 2

It was the morning, I wasn't wearing pants but helping set-up anyway. My pants, were being pressed and ironed by Ling. She had been quiet all weekend and I often wondered what thoughts passed through her mind. I guessed that the world was a bit lonely for her. A stranger in a strange land. Not even the trees or the bugs were the same for her as in China. But she was so kind. When I pulled my pants out to iron them, Ling came forward and insisted on pressing them for me. I thanked her profusely and went to help Ciera and Natalie tie up the sympathy cards.

Mama had received a pretty sizable stack of cards. Many were religious, others were general, all expressed real sadness at her passing. Ciera and Natalie tied the cards together with ribbon and hung them from the beach house pillars. They fluttered in the morning wind. But they belonged there. The cards pressed against the pillars in an embrace.

It wasn't even 10am and the sun was already beating down.

Around noon I went with David to get some ice. We had a ton of ice already; except it had all melted in the heat. The heat was humid and dense. The kind of heat that saps your energy and leads you gently to the water's edge.

But all of this hot air was good. Despite a nation tense from drought and the obvious effects of global warming, the Northwest had a mild summer full of gray days. Days where I wore a light sweatshirt and thought little of it. Days where I wondered if the sun ever came out. And this heat was the first inkling that the Northwest had seasons too. But more than that, it was a memory. I can only remember the beautiful days at the beach. The days where the sun shone perfectly, the winds picked up gently, and the hours passed slowly. 10 in the morning was the same as three in the afternoon and every moment was beautiful.

In my memory the sunset lasts forever; better than television and perfect. In my memory the campfire builds itself and marshmallows roast into golden treats. In my memory the sea lights up green with the phosphorescence. In my memory my family is there, unerringly and beautifully.