Thursday, July 12, 2012

While I've Been Changing

Ok, so here is my opportunity to catch up on everything. Let me tell you that life has been moving in distorted fits and starts.

I love the cat, she is getting much better about learning how to use the leash. I get it, by the way. I have a cat. And I put her on a leash.

It's ridiculous. And hilarious. Only the weirdest people you know do stupid crap like that. No one tries to train a cat. It's a cat.

Well, normally I don't say this but go fly a kite. I'm training my cat to use a leash because I want to be able to take my cat outside without shortening her lifespan by a quarter. Also, I want to get the discipline just right for this cat. And Arya is actually kind of obedient. I just have to keep pounding this stuff into her.

I'm committed to this. Even if my parents and sister cracked up when they heard. I mean, a solid laugh for about a minute over the phone. I kept thinking, “oh, right, not everyone is psycho about their pets like in Seattle. I'm such a hipster. What kind of monster have I become?”

But then it was brushed aside by the fact that I'm getting this cat in tip top shape and she is going to rock everyone's world.

Damn! I did it again. Cat lady.

The point that I'm trying to make is that lots has been happening. I just got my new computer and I am loving it. It works so well and as we speak I am ramping up to get all of my videos burned into dvds. It's been three years now for the Spain ones and over a year for the Senior year ones. I finally have the ability to make this work. If I can get my external hard drive (also on the fritz) to work.

Fingers crossed everybody.

Also, Ciera is still gone on vacation. So I've actually used this time to catch up a bit with friends. I miss them and I so dearly want to be near them and hang out with them.

It'll happen. I have faith.