Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunsets of Summer

Short story

I found myself lost again. It was good.

The shadows had long since turned everything into outlines. Dark shapes against an orange horizon. I sucked in the sweet air of the summer evening.

When all is outlines, the world turns into a peculiar mixture of organic and geometric shapes. I found my eyes transfixed on a street sign, leaning just slightly like a hopper painting. I let my eyes follow the simplified shape, a three dimensional object thrown into two dimensions.

I wondered to myself—half believing in my originality—if we were just the outlines of some four dimensional object. And maybe we were, just loops in time, constantly replaying our lives with wonder, even though it happened the same each time.

I exhaled slowly and sat on the bench. The sun shot rays out in its setting dance. The sky deepened. A young woman passed in front of me and looked out at the sun. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She turned profile to me as a stray wisp caught a ray of light.

I caught her eye briefly and we both looked away; we had held eye contact for a moment too long. If her face had not been a perfectly beautiful outline of orange and black I would have seen her blush.

The breeze that had lazily rolled past in the late afternoon was shifting into a steady wind. There, as a reminder that we were all in motion and the sun would hide behind the distant hills soon.

I felt the earth below my feet and the entire planet lurched slowly in orbit as the hills overtook the few rays and my hemisphere pointed out to the blackness of the universe.

But first the orange turned pink then a wonderful purple. I was still lost but I was ok. Being lost could be a good thing.

The girl lifted her arms above her head and stretched with a deep breath. The final rays of a deep pink sky traced her curves. She shivered slightly at the stiffening breeze. The leaves rustled in a nearby tree.

An evening bird called out lazily. In the far distance a car drove around a slow curve turning its headlights on.

The girl started to leave and paused briefly to take in the scene for one moment.

“Excuse me, can you help me? I'm lost and I'm not quite sure where I am.”