Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Id

I'm trying to capture the notes between the keys; the space between the lines; the grays between the black and whites.

I can't find it. Not that I ever expect to. Genius is a gift reserved for a very few. And part of becoming an adult is realizing that you aren't one of them. And however humble I may seem, I don't mean it quite genuinely. Because where would I be if my ego didn't tell me I had value as an intelligent human being?

I think that getting older is not a process of getting wiser just finding different reasons to justify one's causes.

The summer sun was great today. But I was locked up in a room staring at a computer trying to make some lines of code work. I have the enthusiasm to make the website work but it takes a long time and being a precise and logical being is far beyond me as a human. If only computers could program themselves.

I recently helped design props for our Ed Team. I feel really proud of that work. And I'm proud of the changes I'm making to the Triangle website but the thing really needs a major revamp and I don't know where to start. What a headache.

Occasionally I look out the window and watch people pass by. So many walk those streets and will never know me or each other. I wonder how many important people pass by my office every day?

I wonder how many pictures I have where someone famous is in the background, just hiding there. Or someone that will be famous.

I have so much fun doing what I'm doing but I definitely have to get my life together on many things. C'est la vie.

C'est la vie. I don't speak French. Is that the life? Wilco, Passion Pit.

It drives me crazy how many people believe chain mail, Facebook posts, tweets, or whatever. And guess what chain mail still is annoying.

I struggle with how cynical I can be and how much I try to be open and caring to everyone.

I live by the statement, “some people do that. And that is.” I used to want to rule the world, but what would that give me? I'm not sure anymore. I want to help people but they can be really dumb sometimes.

Ford is selling a 3 cylinder vehicle for $1000 more than their 4 cylinder vehicle and billing it as getting good gas mileage. Get a Geo or tie together three lawnmower engines. Rip-off.