Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ganging Up

Sometimes watching the news looks like a bunch of privileged white guys ganging up on the black dude and his other minority friends.

Halfway through looking up “sustainable cat food” online I realized that sometimes the things that come out of my mouth can sound pretentious, hipstermatic, preachy, and ridiculous. When I start doing things because “it’s ironic” but it really isn’t and I’m just not getting it then please shoot me. Or tell me to stop.

But seriously I am committed to helping my cat avoid all of the kitty diseases that are associated with eating a poor diet. Think of all the nasty diseases that we can get from a diet of pure junk food and translate that to the kitty version. They’re just as devastating and three times as cute—also generally grammatically incorrect (i can haz diabeteez?).

I am a little lonely. Cats aren’t much conversation when they don’t come with captions.

It’s odd how much I really feel that loneliness when Ciera goes away. I realized that I’m really on my own today. I pay my bills, I feed my cat, I run errands, and I really don’t know too many people in Seattle.

It’s a thing. I think that my time out of college has been an extraordinary time of transition. And some days I succeed; others I feel like a failure. It’s the fate of being a Gen Y-er.

I think we have a mentality like Shia Labeouf(?) in Transformers 3 (yeah I’m about to make a Transformers reference) when he’s all like, “the president gave me a medal and I saved the world twice; I don’t want to be a mail boy. I just want to do something important.”

And I think that everyone who’s not our generation (the old diggers) see us more like the kids on the SNL sketch “You Can Do Anything” where a bunch of Gen Y-ers do meaningless crap and expect instant gratification. “I think I’m famous because over 2000 people watched my video!”

The sad thing is that neither is true. No one watches my YouTube channel, and I don’t have any giant space robots as friends.

I now work in the world where accomplishments are seldom measured as concisely as they were in school and fame and fortune are fleeting out-of-reach apples which are rotten on the inside anyway. I just wish I had a giant space robot that doubled as a car.

What if aliens that landed here on Earth weren’t technically advanced like in movies but were just barely on the cusp of interstellar travel? Much similar to us if we were to attempt it; not conquerors but rickety explorers barely able to get from point a to point b.