Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Judicial Correction Services

Dear Judicial Correction Services,

Thank you for reading my blog. Really. I appreciate that someone took the time to read through the entirety of my fictional story that bears the name of your company. I wrote the story as an emotional response to the New York Times article I read. I do believe that they have fairly robust fact-checking, but that doesn't make them perfect. There are probably many things that JCS would refute.

I also bet that you have plenty to say about my blog post. Probably numerous inaccuracies and omissions. So I want to allow JCS an opportunity. Because I want to be fair.

I'm giving you the opportunity to write me back. And I really would love a response. Obviously the New York Times article did a number on your PR. So I'd like to let you speak. I'll put your post right up on my blog no questions asked.

But there are a couple caveats. First, the post has to be a MINIMUM of 365 words. Second, I'd really like it if you answered the questions below. You don't have to answer the questions, especially if you think they are unfair, but I would deeply appreciate them nonetheless. Third, you have a week to reply.

Oh, and FYI: I really believe in providing a wide range of perspectives. I truly hope to hear a reply from JCS to flesh out this story in more detail.

And those are the rules.

Ok, so here are my questions.

How does JCS work with local jurisdictions to save money?

What is the JCS mission statement and how is that followed through with on a daily basis?

In cases where people cannot pay their fines (unemployment, disability, etc) how does JCS work to get their cases closed in a timely, reasonable, and socially conscious manner? (that's sort of three questions).

How does JCS guarantee that clients are fully aware of their rights and options?

What parts of the story did the NYTimes (and myself) miss?

What should the public know about JCS?

I know that you may not have time to actually go through all of these questions. Where I work we struggle to finish tertiary priorities. So if you have some boilerplate plus some pizazz I'll be happy to publish that too.

Please consider my questions. I would be happy to post them.

You can send your responses to my email;

Nick Hara