Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Complaining to the Republicans 3/3

Basic democracy is getting assaulted as well by Republicans. And it's odd why. Voter fraud. There are better chances of getting hit by lightning than someone committing voter fraud, there are inadequate studies to show significance of voter fraud, and no state backing the anti-fraud measures has been able to produce any evidence showing there is a need for the law. What has been produced are a series of very questionable statements where representatives have stated they believe the provisions can swing a state in favor of Republicans. The intent of these laws is clearly to disenfranchise voters without scientific cause.

Speaking of science, since when is it something that has to always have an asterisk with it? Under Republican rule, basic scientific tenets have come under scrutiny because they challenge doctrine. What a weird world. Science is all about discovery and making sense of the world yet clearly unscientific beliefs have made their way into the Republican platform. Things such as intelligent design are allowed to be taught in schools. Sex education has been dropped in favor of abstinence only education in many states despite mountains of evidence that show it is less than ineffective—it's reproductive. Or counter productive.

And of course there is global warming. Needless to say that the scientific method allows for a bit of uncertainty. Yet the only 'scientists' against global warming have a nasty tendency to be paid by companies that stand to lose money in the debate (oil companies), are unqualified to speak about the subject matter (astrophysicists or engineers instead of climate scientists), or have some other very conspicuous stake in the matter. This is a losing racehorse and Republicans have decided to try to scrub the very language from the national dialogue (no mention of sea levels rising anyone?). Any reputable scientific hub has extensive literature that demonstrates why the debate isn't happening for anyone studying it yet the Republican party clings to this debate like there is something to discuss. Often they feel like the Catholic church fighting Galileo. This time however there will be major consequences.

Speaking of major consequences, the failure to even have a conversation about how to keep the public safe while ensuring Americans' 2nd amendment rights has certainly led this nation into the highest gun crime rate; rampant suicides, murders, and accidental deaths; and most recently the tragic events in Aurora, Colorado.

Which leads me back to the main complaint—there is no debate. Democracy is founded on the principles of open dialogue and public discourse. It is a process of working with people instead of petulantly drawing lines in the sand. And I am so tired of it. The truth of the matter is that while the Democrats certainly have their unchained bulldogs there is a larger collaborative attitude. The Republican party has started to devolve into the party of only bulldogs that are more willing to bite the hand that feeds than to defend the fundamentals of good governance.

Think about it. Because I really want this country to work.