Friday, July 6, 2012


I think the cat is blackmailing me. When I go to do something she doesn’t want she has a variety of responses carefully honed to make me respond favorably to me.

She’s doing it right now. She is sitting on my lap purring and stretching. When I put my hand close to her she nudges it and makes me pet her. If I type too much she mews gently and sticks her paw out. If I continue she gets up and tries to stand on the keyboard. If I still continue she climbs up on my shoulders and will dig her claws in if I don’t stay leaned back.

I think that this might not be the healthiest relationship.  Because of my continued typing just now she jumped off the couch and mewed at me.  Mind you she purrs the entire time.

I can’t leave this place either.  She walks me to the door and gives me lonely eyes when I close it behind her.  She meets me at the door everyday when I come home.

I feel like such a bad person for not giving her all of my attention all of the time.  What the hell?

And for those keeping count this is my fourth cat related post.  But I really have very little else to talk about in my life right now.  I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new computer.

I have my last guitar lesson tomorrow.

I have been reading Edward R. Tufte’s books on information and displaying information effectively.  He’s pretty cool.

The weather has been awesome.  It finally feels like summer has sort of tentatively arrived.  I want to be at the beach house.

But mostly I’m thinking about getting a kitty leash and what food I’m going to get for the cat because she still has really stinky poop.  And she farts a lot.  And she’s getting so big.

And she’s up on my shoulders again.  And now she farted in my face.  And she won’t stop purring.

Sometimes she’s naughty but other times she is super well-behaved.

Is this what my life has become?  A diary of a cat?  What am I doing with my life?

But seriously, her poops are really stinky.  And she makes sure to poop right at 6:30 every morning just so I have to get up.  She’s totally manipulating me.