Friday, June 8, 2012

Reset Button

I’m hitting the reset button. I’m so tired of the partisan bickering. Doesn’t matter how much I sympathize with one side or the other, I feel that the rhetoric has become disrespectful. Period. I don’t want to point fingers—it’s what’s gotten us into this mess.

I want to hit a reset button and kindly ask that everyone treat each other with a bit of respect.

We are not a nation of idiots—although we can often act that way. We are not a nation of ‘real patriots’ and un-Americans. We are a nation of people with a diverse set of backgrounds living in many geographically, politically, and socially distinct regions of the country. This diversity leads to natural and substantive disagreements but by no means does it give us license to wade into the mud and lose sight of ourselves.

Treat each other the way you would like to be treated. We call it the golden rule. Many religions cultivate it as a core belief. And I feel that it has been lost.

I don’t mean to shame our politicians, but I feel that an ideological agenda has taken over the human aspects of how we interact with each other. Ideology is based on an ideal. Ideals are seldom true for as Voltaire proved pretty unequivocally, we are seldom in the best of all possible worlds. Rather we are in the most real of all possible worlds. We must be real with each other and aspire to the ideal. Always with the consent of the other real people in the world.

I feel that often the ideal replaces the real. Pain, suffering, desire, and joy are all real things that extend far beyond the self. We as individuals have great capacity to inflict good and bad upon each other, and far too often we opt to hurt.

Being bullheaded is no excuse for hurting others. It is far from criminal to do almost anything that our politicians are doing right now yet it seems to hurt us morally. And I can guarantee it’s not because Mitt has no concept of hardworking middle class Americans. Or that Barack is trying to make the Socialist States of America. Rather it is that we willfully try to hurt and impugn each other.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing cannot hide amongst the herd forever. Gnashing teeth are better evidence than pointed fingers and false alarms. And besides, in many cases, wolves are just dogs who need a meal.

Hopefully the reference wasn’t too obscure. The point is that we can treat each other with respect in the political arena. We have far too many other problems on our hands. If this is how we treat our brethren, why would anyone in the world respect us or our values?

So. Reset. Please.