Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent Weeks: Chirico 1

This time I made it to the top. I had wanted to take Ciera on this hike a long time ago and today was the day that we would finally do it. The hike was strenuous. The air was humid. The sky was mostly cloudy. I was peeved at Ciera because she didn’t seem to know what to pack for a hike.

I was being a brat though. It was not often that Ciera had gone on hikes as a child whereas my childhood was full of memories where my parents would say, “let’s go for a hike.” And all of us kids would reply with screams and shouts and tantrums and then eventually when we were done with the hike, happiness.

Hikes have been part of my entire childhood. Packing and hike preparedness are a natural and easy thing. And I was being grouchy and insensitive because Ciera had little of my same experiences. I should have been excited to show her how to pack and get ready for a hike, instead I felt like she was stalling our journey up the hill.

Either way we did start our journey up the hill and the first bit was easy. Then it gets hard. Steep switchbacks and the humid air make each step difficult. Eventually it feels like climbing up uneven and poorly engineered stairs. I could feel my back start to sweat where my back pack pressed against it. By the time I would reach the top my back would garner an award in a wet t-shirt contest. Hiking is not for the prim.

We journeyed forward to the top of the mountain mostly communicating in huffs and grunts. The climb up was little opportunity to enjoy more than the difficulty of the exercise. We passed many people on our way up. All of them white.

Hiking is a white people thing. Go out into nature and pretend that you are roughing it in your high tech gear. It’s something white people like to do. I don’t have anything against white people sports, but there does seem to be something unjust about the lack of ethnic diversity enjoying the wilderness. I mean, nature is great, and everyone should have the opportunity to breathe free and get sweaty back stains, and get covered in dirt.