Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent Weeks: The Bar 2

And the girls in their dresses that are too tight and too short, their heels that give them blisters, their bling that catches the boys eyes, and the fawning feigned laugh of an animal doing its mating dance. And the boys in their cool or quirky or stylish shirts with their sunglasses at night and their jeans pressed just right show off their chests or their abs or their arms while they suck on a cigarette and wonder if the mating dance is meant for them and if they should move their heavy feet and try to play along or if that’d be stupid and they should just smirk like they know what’s going on.

After returning from the bathroom and seeing the incoherent guy trying to hit on Ciera again I found myself wondering where Pete and Rader had gone. Ciera did too. In that brief moment, incoherent guy slumped off to find another drink or maybe another girl—who cares? Olivia said her goodbyes and headed into the night—somewhere else. Ciera noticed Evan stepping into a cab and pointed it out to me.

I bolted to the cab and stopped Evan. He apologized profusely and said that we should get in the cab and come with him. Every man for himself.

I asked him where it was going. And I knew it was going in the right direction.

At the house the lights were down low and the music was up loud. It was the same scene in a different light. Pete and Rader were there. And a couple bros. And a cute dog.

But the energy was high. The house was nestled in the suburbs, just a few blocks from Mama’s. It felt like a family place, except for the decidedly young occupants. I went to the bathroom and it was filthy. Everything seemed nice but like it hadn’t been taken care of. The neglect of youth. I didn’t mind. It wasn’t unbearable by any means and the people were pretty cool.

At some point Evan removed his shirt. And everyone started bro-ing out. It happens. Just as several people arrived at the house—incoherent drunk guy being one of them—Ciera and I made our exit.

We walked home. It was only a few blocks. I gave Ciera my coat and we proceeded slowly, retracing our summer jogging route. It was still cold; colder. The night spread out and all I remember is walking back happy.