Friday, June 8, 2012

Facing the Art

So the Town Theatre is doing another event. It’s called Facing the Art. On June 12th we will be at Naos on 3420 Fremont Ave from 7-10pm.

The event is an opportunity to celebrate many things. Naos is a really cool venue that recently opened in Fremont. They have great food and awesome staff. It’s modern, chic, and worldly. Think Paul Simon’s Graceland (30th anniversary edition out by the way) mixed with urban design maroon and copper.

Facing the Art is a collaboration with Homeless in Seattle. Local homeless artists have kindly given us some of their art to showcase around the walls of Naos. Performers of all housing situations will be gracing us with poetry, songs, and scenes.

Ciera and I have already seen the art pieces and some are excellent. Seeing one of these would be worth the price of admission in its entirety—which is free by the way. But we encourage you to donate to the Town Theatre or buy some food at Naos.

This is a no obligation night of fun though. We are super excited to present this work and hope that the public enjoys it as well.

This is a chance to support sustainability in Seattle as well. A socially conscious event held at a local establishment that supports the arts and an integrated community. It hits all the hipster buzzwords without forcing anyone into skinny jeans or onto a fixed gear bike.

Seriously, The Town Theatre is proud to bring together the community in its entirety and present art in all its forms.

Look out also for more details about The Town Theatre’s upcoming fall production Domesticity. Ciera assures me it’s not about her housekeeping skills.

Actually it’s a snapshot of First Wave Feminism unintentionally captured by the greatest playwrights at the time. It portrays women in four basic roles; woman as mother, daughter, lover, and peer. These two person scenes play out in the style of La Ronde and by the end one feels less that they have experienced a period piece and more that they have stumbled upon an entirely too relevant commentary on the workings of modern society.

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