Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What a mother's day weekend 2/2

And this weekend was the end of the waiting. We had it together and we were excited. On Saturday morning I woke up and talked to grandma. Later we went with Pete down to Saturday Market. And then we picked my Dad up at the airport.

After, we drove to Salem and attended a barbecue for Ciera’s cousin Morgan. It was a nice gathering and we got to see a lot of Ciera’s family. Her grandparents, the cousins, and aunts and uncles. A warm sunny day under a big gazebo with lots of food, drink, and family. All by the river? Why yes.

At some point we headed back and screeched into my grandparents’ house where George and Nate had arrived. We chatted for a bit and I coordinated the night. I was going to go see the Avengers if it killed me. So I looked up times, invited everyone, and drove them to the theater.

The Avengers is an awesome action movie. Don’t expect anything too cerebral but it certainly was great fun. Joss Whedon really has an eye as a director and it made every bit of the action fun. The only thing I really wish from this is that the enemies were a little scarier. They just sort of tried attacking and did a lot of dying. I mean, it was all really cool to watch but I never felt like there was anything on the line.

I suppose that the movie was difficult to run though because there was so much to do. Every hero had a back story. Every action sequence had to advance a plot. And every enemy had to be scary in some sort of fashion. Everything was just the slightest bit skewed. It is just difficult to make a movie with near immortal characters fighting and to continue to pull the audience in plausibly.

But that was mostly overcome and I loved it. Even enough to give David a ride to his friend Kyle’s place. The next morning I awoke to mother’s day. I promptly talked to my mom. I drove Olivia to her place, walked around Pioneer Square a bit and then came back to celebrate a mother’s day brunch.

It was a mostly low-key event but still a lot of fun.

Eventually Ciera and I packed up and got out. But not before first stopping in and saying hi to her aunts and cousins. We stayed for lemonade and cookies and were off. By the time we arrived back in Seattle we could barely move. We were asleep by eleven. And it was a great weekend.