Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What a mother's day weekend 1/2

What a weekend.

On Thursday night Ciera and I went to the premiere of The Producers. The play is looking really cool now that all of the set has been built and is fully functional. The actors did a superb job. Mel Brooks is a genius.

Hearing about Ciera’s trials and tribulations in helping the production team produce The Producers illustrates what a joker Mr. Brooks is. He made putting on the show one of the most difficult things a theater could possibly do. It is an expensive technical nightmare full of puppets, moving sets, Nazi regalia, and hundreds of costume pieces. Without a good team and ample funding, The Producers is a disaster in waiting.

But the Village Theatre is better than most. And they pulled off a wonderful show that had me in tears laughing.

After the show Ciera and I went to the after party where I felt so cool talking to the people that had put on the show. Actors and techies are fun and funny—often in unintentional ways. We stayed until they nearly kicked us out.

The next morning Ciera and I managed to wake up, have brunch, get a haircut (Ciera), clean the place up, pack our bags for Portland, and hit the road. Driving the stretch between Portland and Seattle is awful. The drivers are extraordinarily bad.

But we made it into town and picked up Olivia. Then we went to grandma and grandpa’s. Right as I walked in the door grandpa told me that his printer wasn’t working—again. So I told him I’d work on it in the morning and took the evening to chill out.

I had a three day weekend and was feeling good. It was nice to spend some time with family and Ciera too. A few days previously Ciera had called and we didn’t have much time to talk, so we scheduled a time to talk. “Are we in a long-distance relationship?” I asked her. She laughed and then made a disappointed groan. Our schedules had gotten so far off of each other’s that we were scheduling time to talk. We both sighed the sigh of people who had stumbled upon a truth that they couldn’t change. We would have to wait it out.