Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Town Theatre: Matching Funds-raiser

Dear Friends and Family,

We have really great news! On May 2, 2012, there’s an exciting event that will amplify the impact of your gift to us.

GiveBIG [www.seattlefoundation.org/GiveBIG] is a community-wide day of giving hosted by The Seattle Foundation that will increase the size of your donation to us. Last year during GiveBIG, $4.1 million was raised to support over 900 nonprofits in our community. We plan to be a part of this success again in 2012!

GiveBIG will increase your impact in several ways:

  • Grow your gift! A share of every contribution made through The Seattle Foundation's online Giving Center between midnight and midnight on May 2 will be matched by The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG’s corporate sponsors, who have put $500,000 into the “stretch pool.”
  • Win a Golden Ticket! During the day, you could be chosen at random to have your charity of choice—[THE TOWN THEATRE]—receive an additional $1,000 from GiveBIG’s sponsors. This year, the selected donor will also be eligible to win a Starbucks gift card worth $100!

We encourage you to join all our supporters to give big on May 2. Your gift will help us fund our ongoing project with Homeless in Seattle (facebook community page) and will allow us to pay for rehearsal and performance space and costumes for our upcoming original production of “Domesticity”.

Mark your calendar! Donate to THE TOWN THEATRE between midnight and midnight on May 2 through our page in The Seattle Foundation’s Giving Center: http://www.seattlefoundation.org/npos/Pages/TheTownTheatre.aspx?bv=nposearch

Thank you in advance for giving big. With your help, we can continue to pursue community, tell stories, and challenge audience and performer to engage in honest human experiences.  

Amber Hughes, Eleanor Withrow, Cierra Iveson, Nicholas Hara, and Amberlee Williams
The Town Theatre Artistic Team

PS: You can learn more about GiveBIG online at www.seattlefoundation.org/GiveBIG.