Thursday, May 31, 2012


What she says: I’m so sad, I lost my phone and my boyfriend just broke up with me.

What he hears: you are getting laid tonight.

I’m not sure my building manager knows who lives in her building—or even what her building is. Direct quote, “I haven’t had anyone move out in a year and a half.” Fact we moved in last November—7 months ago. In that time we have witnessed three apartments become vacant and have new people move in.

If I’m in the papers tomorrow, don’t worry, it was just really controversial. Seriously. Bristol Bay. Triangle facilitated the first of seven EPA hearings on their environmental assessment. And I was the timer—on stage. So I might be in a picture.

I walked out of the house without a shirt. But I had on a sweatshirt. Is that still kind of dirty?

I’ve been exhausted.

I used to be cool. People used to listen to me. Now I just sort of yell at the TV. I have money though. Is that still kind of dirty?

A bureaucrat in the Treasury department can pull in $149,000 a year. Far less than their counterparts in the private sector. And we wonder why policy slants toward higher income brackets. Even our public servants who make a ‘marginal’ sum are raking in 3x the median household income of average Americans every year. Multiply everything you own by three. That is a poor public Treasury worker’s life. Granted that is for the higher levels of management.

I have little else to say yet I must post three hundred and sixty five words per day. I suppose others have far more difficult lives.

But right now I am stuck and very angry that I am dedicated to finishing this and that I cannot quit. All I want right now is a little sleep.

I want to write a novel. Have I mentioned that? Because I do. In the novel there are all these characters in crazy situations that they can’t escape. And everyone has funny accents and off-beat timing. In the novel, life is an absurd out-of-control world where the children are in charge and the adults are vagrants.