Friday, May 4, 2012

Movie Vignette and Whine

Here’s my latest idea. Shoot a movie where similar to Love Actually or New York I Love You the plot is a series of intertwining stories. But more than that the genres are different. Think of it as a mash-up of Hollywood similar to my other idea where a character wanders through different films to tell his story.

In this version, the camera follows different people through their day in the city. And as the camera shifts between stories, it adopts the tone of each piece. So what may be a coming of age teen story in one scene is a kung-fu movie in another. A romantic comedy lives next to a drama of a family falling apart. As tone, characters, story arcs, and genres shift the goal is to derive the human from it all.

And as a motif I would also like to capture a city. I’d like to capture the things that we lose by being consumed with ourselves. I pass hundreds of people each day and all of them are in different moods. They all have different destinations and different origins. Each bit of them is unique but somehow connected to me and the rest of mankind. At what point do those differences constitute a distinct individual?

At what point do all of the camera angles, directors, actors, writers, and special effects average out into an accurate portrait of life?

So that’s my idea. More or less. I think it has a lot of potential. I’ll work on it in my little brain/

I really need a new computer, I can’t live much longer in the current system. My netbook is cute and good for typing but I can barely browse the web. My big computer is nearly completely useless because I have no space for it in the apartment. My work computer is ok but it can barely handle any graphics capability. Productivity is nearly at nil because I spend so much time waiting for things to get done.

And realistically I can barely even browse youtube. I couldn’t even waste time effectively. It’s a mess.

And those are the thoughts on my brain at the moment. Three more words.