Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jovian Rebel 3

short story:

Gregory fumbled with the belt buckle, finally getting it released. When Gregory pushed his friend back to take off the belt he could see the damage. A bullet had ripped through his friend’s stomach at an oblique angle. His friends’ insides were torn up badly; he had very little time. Gregory applied pressure to try to stop the bleeding.

“It’s--it’s no use,” his friend coughed.

“Let’s go, we gotta go, you’ll be fine,” Gregory lied.

“Sh--shu--shut up, I’m done,” he half-chuckled, “I’m sorry. I--I--sold us out.”

Gregory went pale; the bleeding mess before him was his best friend, a good man. And he had just been responsible for the death of the entire squad. Gregory tried to focus, “how long do I have?”

“Don’t run, they’ll find--they’ll find you.”

“How long do I have.”

“two minutes--at most.”

Gregory lifted his hand away. His friend sputtered and wheezed. Gregory pulled his sidearm out of its holster and aimed the gun at the slumped body on the steering wheel. His friend looked at him with gaunt eyes; filled with regret and pain. “Do it” his friend said. Gregory held his gun steady, trying to forget the image. “Do it god damn it!” He yelled. His friend slammed his hand on the horn filling the quiet streets with noise.

A gunshot rang out and Gregory was in the car suddenly driving to the edge of the city. The rebellion had been thwarted, the only safe place was outside; maybe one of the smaller towns in the outskirts had succeeded. He wasn’t sure but it was the best bet.

Gregory cinched his helmet down and activated the emergency exit button. As long as a priority one lockdown wasn’t called he would make it through. As luck would have it, there was no lockdown and he was able to safely make it out. He drove to a cave that he had scoped out weeks previously with four other team leaders. This was the place of last resort.

He surveyed the equipment and found it in decent shape. He opened a bag of k-rations. It was full of filler, styrofoam and rocks. He cursed and threw the bag. He opened another, and another. All of them were empty.

He checked the jeep. There were two k-rations and a bottle of water. That was everything Gregory had. He would have to go back.