Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Jovian Rebel 2

Short story cont'd

He shivered. He had turned his suit’s climate control down to its minimum level to conserve energy. He peeked his head over the hill to see the layout of the guards. Three were standing at the door, checking incoming traffic. They were connected to the main atmo systems with long extension cords. It saved energy in the soldiers’ suits in case of an emergency. There was a tank, but it seemed to be heading to the next checkpoint.

There was little heavy armor and the AmU units were overstretched in the Jovian system. In the attacks three days previous, the military had been unprepared for a rebellion. Gregory had been a team leader. His team had started in the retail district, and was the first inside the AmU weapons depot. He quickly secured three jeeps and enough supplies to last months off the grid.

As they were getting ready to go, a steady stream of gunshots rang out from inside the depot. Gregory ran back to the depot and saw a bloodbath. All of his team save for two were dying or dead on the ground. The two remaining survivors were behind crates on opposite sides of the depot trading shots.

Gregory was momentarily stunned. A bullet whizzed by his head and he made a tough decision, he turned around and jumped in a jeep, driving off. He heard one last gunshot and the sound of a jeep coming toward him. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw one of his comrades coming after him. The man was bleeding profusely, and swerving slightly.

Gregory was unsure if he was being followed by a comrade or an enemy. The man in the mirror waved his hand out and formed his fingers into sign of the Jovian Rebellion. Gregory slowed his vehicle hoping it wasn’t a trick. Gregory held his hand on his pistol ready to draw it if necessary.
The jeep pulled up along side him; it was one of his closest friends. Gregory loosened his grip on his pistol slightly.

“Gregory stop. Pull over, I can’t--” the car slowed to a stop. Gregory pulled to the side of the road and jumped out of his Jeep. He kept his hand on his sidearm, hoping he wouldn’t have to use it. He came up to his friend who was struggling with his seatbelt. Gregory jumped in the passenger seat and reached for the buckle. There was blood everywhere.