Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vaughn Morning

I’m at the beach again. Ciera and I are celebrating our 23rd birthdays. I feel so old and so young. My young self could not comprehend 23 as an age, yet here I am. And I don’t feel like much has happened at all.

It’s beautiful this morning. Partial cloud cover and a high haze have diffused the morning sun into a soft pinkness on the water. Everything looks ethereal, covered in a paradoxical light that brings out the contrasts. Two birds on the water in silhouette. The green of the grass against the gently moving mirror of water. Sleepy homes across the bay.

This place is wonderful.

I was exuberant to be get here last night. Olivia, David, Jessie, and Kyle were all here.

We played Password and Taboo. The moon was bright and nearly full. We took a walk on the beach in the dark. As we walked we heard barking. It was two dogs; chocolate labs. And they kept barking at us until we met them. And like all chocolate labs, they were affable and excited to see us. Dogs are so funny. Always worried about intruders but so nice once you meet them.

It’s hard to walk on the beach at night. The big rocks and uneven terrain seem barren and impossible. I bent down to pick up a rock. It wasn’t a moon rock. It was solid and round and smooth. More than that, it had shells on it, little tiny snails alive on the wet rock.

Are we in a human environment here? Or is it the wilderness. Despite the prevalence of human settlement in this area, it doesn’t seem that the wildlife has really changed any of its habits. This place is transitional; the bridge between the city and the wild.

Last night was so much fun. We ate spaghetti and munched on flaming hot cheetos and trail mix. We drank wine and listened to loud music. We laughed and yelled and danced.

This morning is cool and damp. Everything glistens with the soft dew that settled gently on the world while a bright moon crossed the sky. The clouds are parting now and a warm yellow sun is peeking out onto the lawn. The tide is pulling back faster, taking with it debris from the beaches inside the bay. I can see a wind across the water, past the protected cove. Where the mirror meets the open water.