Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Town Fundraiser

As you (the reader, possibly readers) may or may not know, I have joined a theater group known as The Town Theater. We are a dedicated group of early 20-somethings that want to rock the theater world. Also help people in need and build community. In fact, our main mission is to use theater as a way to truly build community across a diverse set of people.

We will be having a fundraiser soon to try to get some cash to put up several very promising productions in the fall. One production will be a version of Ciera’s thesis play Domesticity. It is a selection of scenes from contemporary plays written during the first wave of feminism. The group did a reading of the scenes and it is striking how relevant and controversial the scenes are from even a modern standard. And it isn’t just a scene study; the characters and scenes are woven together in such a manner that there is a distinct arc that brings to light fascinating aspects of the revolution that was going on at the time. The catch is that we need money to put the production together. Costumes, set, space, and everything else that goes into a production costs money.

So the fundraiser will be soon. The good news is that we will get matching donations. This means every dollar counts extra. Put away the check book for now and more information will arrive imminently.

This is not just an opportunity to raise money for a bunch of starving artists, but to help really build community as well. The Town Theatre spends a lot of time on outreach to homeless people in Seattle. Hopefully soon we will be holding showcase nights where local artists of all housing backgrounds gather to exhibit their talents and work. We hope to make this a regular occurrence that destigmatizes homelessness and builds community across economic divides.

Aside from the donations being tax deductible, charitable, and overall endorphin inducing it should be noted that The Town Theatre is engaged with many causes that work to promote a truly sustainable future. We strive to build community and create unity where none appears to be. Helping us is helping build a more just and compassionate future.

Our young naive selves can’t help but think that good theater mixed with genuine community service is an excellent vehicle for change. So get prepared to make a donation to help us out. Seriously, every bit helps. One dollar or one million dollars we’ll appreciate it all. Stay tuned for more information.