Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Poor GOP 3/3

And further, the whole notion of constricting government during such a time as now is mirrored excellently in Europe. Europe didn’t do any stimulus and tightened the budget noose around its member nations during the crisis. Result? America is recovering slowly and steadily, but Europe is taking a nose dive. And Paul Ryan has gotten his way in Europe. There is no doubt about that. What is left? 50% unemployment for Spanish citizens under 25, Greece near default every week, rampant disenfranchisement and radicalization in France, and riots everywhere.

So who are the Europeans, the Dems who want to do precisely the opposite of what Europe is doing, or the Republicans whose fiscal policies closely mirror the most derelict states in the EU?

The argument is that the stimulus didn’t do anything to help the country. That’s not true at all. In fact the dip in unemployment that we are seeing is most likely the stimulus finally kicking in. If anyone who was following the passage of that legislation knows, most of the immediate stimulus was pulled out (by predominantly Republicans) and replaced with longer term projects that weren’t shovel ready. The money didn’t disappear, but it did suffer from a delayed reaction.

And so the Republican Party has become angry and dogmatic, isolating itself further and further into a fantasy land where Super-PACs aren’t blatantly corrupt and a Christian worldview includes hate speech and intolerance toward other religions.

This should be a warning sign for many in the party. And it has been to many, yet their voices remain ignored. Poor George Will, who isn’t the most moderate voice, has been silenced slowly by the flag-wavers who forget that this country is a mosaic of people with many different perspectives about governance. When the disgraced former Representative, the openly gay-bashing former senator that lost by 18 points in an incumbent race, the Libertarian who wants to close the Fed, and the former Massachusetts governor who hates legislation based off his own state’s system are the top dogs it’s not hard to see why the Republican Party has become a joke.

It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and it’s demeaning to everyone. In far too many cases the Republican Party has been suffering from a self-inflicted black eye and loudly crying out that it was everyone else’s fault.

This party cannot survive like this. In a world where filibusters are the norm, no one reaches across the aisles, and those with dissenting views are called un-American, the disintegration of democracy is not far. Democracy’s fate should not be entrusted to the monied and influential, rather it needs guarding by all the citizens regardless of affiliation, wealth, or background. It is a blatant failure of democracy when public opinion favors a policy and their elected officials refuse its passage. The stonewalling and filibustering is coming to a head, and the Republican Party should be wary lest they actually reap what they sow.