Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Poor GOP 2/3

With the contraception debate it’s the same thing, plenty of states have had far more stringent laws on their books for years and no one has complained. Certainly America forbids churches to stone adulterers on the Sabbath and no one cries out that as unconstitutional. And it is well-established that if a religious institution would like to receive Federal dollars they must comply with the rules. It’s simply what is required to participate in a rule of law based society. Imagine for a moment going to a Jehovah’s Witness run hospital and having them deny you a blood transfusion because it is against their religion. Later, after narrowly avoiding a major bleed out, you find out that they receive large sums of taxpayer dollars to provide none of the medical services you require. Not a pretty outcome.

The Republican Party looks weak these days. Chief amongst its weaknesses is the awful leadership that has taken it over. They need to do a quick stop drop and roll. Lies happen in politics but deliberate deceptions and weak argumentation have made many in the party Marie Antoinette-like in their ignorance. The Ryan budget lays out a vague proposed budget future for the country with very deep cuts in government funding. And scaling back the bureaucracy is good—if it’s manageable. But realistically, it’s not. So many Republicans have signed onto Grover Norquist’s limited no-new-taxes pledge that essential services would have to take major cuts in the upcoming years to fulfill Ryan’s vision. This means less Medicare services, less social services, less education funding, less road dollars, and on and on. They won’t raise $47 billion dollars in closed tax loopholes for the wealthiest, yet cringe at $360 million in spending for non-abortion related Planned Parenthood services.

The only thing that doesn’t get cut is the military which would not be revamped to respond to the rapidly changing post-Soviet world, but would instead increase funding on projects like a missile defense shield in Poland. It’s not the Cold War anymore and aggressive military posturing only serves to make other nations nervous about further meddling. Ramping up an invisible arms race makes America look like a bully nation more than a humanitarian or moral leader in the international arena. Believe it or not, America has looked like the belligerent nation for a long time now. Republican ignorance on this front has forced us into a limited scope of options when trying to coordinate international terrorist hunts (Pakistan tacitly shielding Bin Laden anyone?).

The Ryan budget only serves to reinforce the major economic problems that exist in this country already. The only people that don’t make a sacrifice under Ryan’s budget are the wealthy few who own large corporations or those that have vast sums of money from their days of re-organizing corporations for a living (I’m talking to you Mitt). They would see a reduction in their tax rates, amounting to huge revenue losses for the government. The revenue gained would supposedly lead to some sort of trickle-down to the less wealthy. Except that’s complete crap. There’s no way to get around that fact. For an in-depth review of how completely and utterly ridiculous that argument is please read Winner Take All Politics. Suffice it to say that the wealthy took home 93% of the gains in the economy that were made in 2010 while the vast majority of America struggles to keep up with inflation.