Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pips and Kombucha

I had an awesome weekend with Piper. She came into town and we wandered around the city and caught up. It’s amazing how much I miss my friends.

And Claire is doing all right. But I wish she were better.

When Piper was here we had beautiful weather and I was so happy to show her the city when it was beautiful. It is gray a lot here. That grayness keeps the city from being the best it can be for visitors. I find that the city is very attractive regardless. Ciera once commented that the buildings were beautiful even in the gray and I agree with her. The architecture around here seems to know that there are gray and rainy days.

In Spain they never could figure it out. Anytime the weather turned inclement the sidewalks became slippery and dangerous. I saw lots of people slip and fall very hard on their butts. It was funny but also colossally stupid. I loved Spain but that was a major shortcoming.

Anyways, the weather was precisely the opposite of what it was when Claire visited. Instead of heavy raindrops that soaked me to the bone, it was blue skies and wispy clouds. Sometimes my life feels so perfect.

Then we went hiking. I dragged Piper up a hill. I felt really bad because I didn’t think much of the hike. It was the same one I did before. It’s just outside Issaquah and paragliders launch off the point and drift gracefully down the hill. Without a parachute, Piper and I had to walk back down the hill which is really the hardest part.

Sure, when I got to the top I may have had a giant sweat stain on my back and wherever the straps of my backpack had touched me, but it wasn’t knee rattling. And maybe Piper had to stop every few switchbacks, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was the downhill, where gravity carries you faster than your legs and all you want is to get into the car and pump up the a/c. I promptly did so when we finally arrived back at the blueberry. The blueberry needs a car wash.

Kombucha. I got Ciera some Kombucha. It’s tea. Or like a smoothie. But really it’s the stuff that Jamie Lee Curtis keeps cornering joggers in Central Park to talk about. Bacteria. Live cultures of bacteria. In a beverage. And you pay more to have your bacteria alive instead of flash pasteurized. I swear to god, Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome but her home invasions to talk about women’s regular bowel movements read like the proceedings for a restraining order. So I got Ciera that.

Tip, don’t shake it up. There are three half-finished Kombuchas in the fridge.