Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 4 Sunday 2

After breakfast we cleaned up the house. It’s amazing how dirty the place can get in only two days. I mowed the lawn with David and cleared out some branches. We hosed down the boat and put it back under the house. We put away the barbecue and pulled the deck chairs out of the sun. We swept and vacuumed and scrubbed.

Then we relaxed. The sun was bright and the weather was perfect. A light breeze kept our bodies at the perfect temperature. We ate lunch--Easter egg salad sandwiches--and saw the Portland crew off.

Then there was silence. I hit a golf ball off the lawn and into the water. A seal lazily floated on the current that rushed it into the bay.

The day was warm and wonderful. At 4:30 we bid farewell to the beach house and drove back to the city. On the way out we stopped at Papa, HD, and now Mama’s headstone. It sits on a hill less than a quarter mile from the beach house. It looks out on the serene bay. The headstone is a dark polished stone bench under an oak tree. It is a quiet spot to gather one’s thoughts. Even in death my grandparents gave gifts.

We struggled through a little Easter traffic and made it back to our neck of the woods. Then we watched the last 12 Minutes Max of the season. Sean, Ciera’s boss, called Ciera down at the beginning of the show and had the audience sing her a big happy birthday. They also gave her a cupcake and a card. She was so happy.

After the show we went to McMenamin’s and got ourselves some very belated dinner. Amber stopped in and gave us cupcakes. We ate and she gave us a ride home. I went to bed content and happy. I think Ciera did too.