Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2 Friday-Saturday

I thought little of this as I pulled into the beach house drive. As always the air that filled my lungs was pure and real. Anxieties exhaled and peace came in.

Olivia, David, Jessie, and Kyle had already arrived. When I entered, energy flooded my body. I was excited to see my sister and I gave her a big hug. Spaghetti was on the stove and music was playing. The house was real.

We settled in as we always do. We ate a wonderful meal and cleared the plates.

After a night of drinking and playing loud games in the house, I awoke to a hazy morning. I made breakfast and lazed around on the porch. It was as it always is. The sun tracked slowly across the sky; we followed it like cats, soaking in the morning rays.

At some point we decided to get clams.

There are two ways to get clams in Vaughn Bay. You buy them, or you catch them. We went to catch them. The Solmssens have the best place to get clams. apparently it is steep enough to keep starfish at bay while still being easy for the clams to dig in.

We went to their beach and started digging. But the journey was also important. While just a short walk down the beach, there were many pit stops. The sound provides many opportunities to observe sea life. Amberlee was stunned by the starfish. Jessie picked up all the pretty shells she could find. Olivia disappeared in the camera, taking pictures like a fanatic. A childish sense of wonderment overcomes any beachgoer. I had clams on the brain.

The process was simple. Find a spot by listening. When the beach suddenly sounds foamy and squishy, wet and bubbly, then you are in the area. Next, we had to clear out the layer of top rocks that covered the clams. Vaughn Bay has beaches composed of rocks ranging in size from baseball to not-quite-sand. The rocks on the clam beds were truly pebbles. We raked them gently off our work area and put a shovel in. Once you clear out a decent hole it is simply a matter of gathering all of the clams that you want. Which was easy. It took less than a half hour to get more than we would eat.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around. We dyed eggs, read books, and let everything just happen. As dusk approached we roasted vegetables, barbecued steak, and steamed clams. It was all so easy. I slept easily that night.