Tuesday, April 3, 2012

9 to 5 Ideas

I have some ideas. The first is that I combine all of the short stories I have written into a larger narrative.

Another is to make a movie where each scene is taken from a specific genre of film and used to convey the tone or plot point of the scene. Silent film, noir, sci-fi, period, coming of age, teen movie, raunchy comedy, epic romance, kung-fu movie, etc. Each scene is used to reveal parts of the story that are the strengths of each cliche. It would be really tough. And really cool.

I have another idea. This idea involves writing a movie script. I haven’t done that yet. The second piece is shooting the movie at the beach house. That would be so much fun.

I’d also love to shoot a movie with an ensemble cast where each room in a house has a specific tone and certain conversations occur in those rooms. The idea is that by changing rooms, the very nature of the conversation changes.

I’ve got another idea. Give me a lot of money. I’d like that.

Oh, and give me a book deal. And a tv show. I have another idea where I host a TV show dedicated to debating issues from a constructive perspective. No angry he said she said BS. Just working through the issues to find common ground and understand the nuances of topics. Another part would be to show the perspective of people my age. I’m so not into all the old diggers telling me what to do or think. There are far too few young people on television representing themselves as thoughtful, smart, and qualified commentators.

And I know for a fact that I’m smarter than some of the people asked on those shows. I’m so tired of party lines and old people perspectives. Let’s shake it up. Get some young people, minorities, nonpartisan talking heads, outside perspectives.

So anyways, those are some of my ideas. I don’t know if anyone will take me seriously. I’m so tired of not being taken seriously. It sucks. And I really should take people more seriously.

Here’s another idea. I write a musical. And I find a really good composer to write the music. Because a script ain’t hard! Or maybe it is. I don’t know. I just want to do something cool outside the 9-5 routine.

But I suppose a lot of people feel that way.